Forcefield Therapeutics Launched to Treat Heart Attacks with Protein Drugs – Labiotech

On Forcefield Therapeutics’ unveiling in the UK, Jonathan Smith for Labiotech wrote on the company’s mission to develop the first drugs to safeguard heart muscle from damage during heart attacks.

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About Forcefield Therapeutics Ltd.

Forcefield Therapeutics Ltd (Forcefield Tx) is a pioneer of best-in-class therapeutics to retain heart function via protection of cardiomyocytes. Forcefield Tx was founded by scientists, industry experts and investors with a shared purpose to revolutionise treatment following acute myocardial infarction (MI).

Forcefield’s unique approach can both retain and protect heart cells, minimising the impact of MI and preventing the cascade of events that may lead to subsequent heart failure. Forcefield Tx is led by a proven team with a record of success from discovery to commercialisation and is backed by leading FTSE 250 healthcare company, Syncona.

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