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Reason to Believe for the Future

The three cardio-protective proteins Forcefield is developing are likely to address other heart disease indications. These proteins have naturally evolved to repair molecular, cellular, and organ damage and consequently have potential in other heart diseases with common aetiology.
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Building on successful fusion protein application in other therapy areas these proteins will be developed based on well-established protein science and CMC development approaches.

Forcefield has a unique and dominant IP position, with a long patent life and exclusivity to the application of these proteins in the treatment of cardiac disease.

While our initial focus is on myocardial infarction (MI), Forcefield has an exclusive licence to the use of these three proteins in the treatment of heart diseases, providing the company with multiple opportunities to add value through partnering and potential collaborations.

“ The incidence of myocardial infarctions is large with 800,000 occurring annually in the US alone and a significant proportion of patients progressing to heart failure; resulting in reduced lifespan and quality of life. Our aim is to revolutionise treatment following acute myocardial infarction and to prevent the cascade of events that may lead to subsequent heart failure. Professor Giacca’s ground-breaking research is the first step in achieving this goal.”

> Dan Gliddon
Chief Operating Officer

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Ischaemic Heart Disease

“It’s like growing old overnight…”

It is estimated that as much as 1.7% of the World’s population are living with Ischaemic heart disease, with a high risk of MI resulting in death or progression to heart failure; described by patients as

“It’s like growing old overnight, without gradual ageing giving you the chance to get used to it.”

The need for pharmacotherapy to add to the acute treatment of the heart after MI by cardiologists is clear. In the words of the European Society of Cardiology

“..still there is no therapy aimed at reducing (heart) injury that is clearly associated with improved clinical outcomes.”

Forcefield plans to meet this call to action as a pioneer of best-in-class therapeutics to preserve and protect heart function.

Meet the Team
Leadership Team

Forcefield’s leadership team has a track record of success in delivering novel discovery biology in cardiovascular disease, biopharmaceutical development and commercialisation, and building successful companies.

Well positioned to move swiftly into the clinic due to the team’s deep and broad expertise in disease biology and development, and backed by a team of industry experts.

John Tsai

Chief Executive Officer

Under the leadership of experienced life sciences executive, John Tsai, MD.

With 20 years of leadership experience in life sciences, John manages organisational leadership and strategy as Chief Executive Officer at Forcefield and as an Executive Partner at Syncona Investment Management Ltd.

He was previously President, Global Drug Development and Chief Medical Officer at Novartis, where he led the Company’s development portfolio across 500 development projects resulting in 20 global drug approvals.

Before joining Novartis, John was Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President of Global Medical Affairs at Amgen and spent 11 years at Bristol-Myers-Squibb, where he held senior leadership positions across both Drug Development and Medical organizations.

A trained physician, John received his medical degree from the University of Louisville School of Medicine and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis.

Prof. Mauro Giacca

Scientific Founder

Founded by authority in cardiovascular disease, Professor Mauro Giacca.

Professor of Cardiovascular Sciences and Head of the School of Cardiovascular Medicine & Sciences, King’s College London.

Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences and previously Director-General of the United Nations International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology.

Highly cited researcher with over 370 published papers.

Dan Gliddon

Chief Operating Officer

Virtual R&D model managed by biologics development specialist Dan Gliddon, COO.

Over 15 years of biopharmaceutical discovery and development experience in pharma, CRO and biotech.

Former member of exec. leadership team at F-star Therapeutics, leading the clinical translation of their innovative bispecific antibodies, and supporting the company’s corporate development and Nasdaq listing.

Prof. Ajay Shah

Clinical Advisor

Advised by eminent interventional cardiologist, Professor Ajay Shah as Board observer and clinical advisor.

Executive Dean of the Faculty of Life Sciences and Medicine at King’s College London with active research interests in the pathology of heart failure.

Fellow of numerous cardiology societies and editorial boards of several prestigious journals.

Chris Hollowood

Chairman of the Board

Chris is the Chief Investment Officer of Syncona Investment Management Ltd.

Chris has been instrumental in the foundation and development of Syncona’s portfolio of companies focused on treating organ specific disease. He is Chairman of four other companies and as Chairman of Nightstar, oversaw its sale to Biogen in 2019 for $877 million.

Chris holds a degree in Natural Sciences and a PhD in Organic Chemistry

Alice Renard

Board Director

Alice is a Partner of Syncona Investment Management Ltd

Alice also works closely with Syncona portfolio company Anaveon. Alice serves as an Observer on the Board of Purespring and Anaveon.

Prior to joining Syncona, Alice was an Investment Banking Analyst within Barclays’ Healthcare Corporate Finance and M&A team, where she worked on transactions involving pharmaceutical and other healthcare companies. Prior to Barclays, Alice worked briefly at AbbVie and Janssen.

Alice holds a Doctorate degree in Pharmacy from the University of Lille 2 in France. Alice also holds a Masters in International Health Policy & Health Economics from the London School of Economics.

Record of Success

A proven team with a record of success from discovery to commercialisation, backed by leading life sciences investment fund, Syncona.

Forcefield operates a virtual business model that allows efficient use of resources and the flexibility to work with strategic and operational partners sharing our purpose. We welcome enquiries from potential partners with expertise to enhance our research and development efforts and deliver therapeutic benefit to heart attack patients quickly.

Backed by Syncona, a leading healthcare company focused on creating, building and scaling a portfolio of global leaders in life science.